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David Harrison



My goal is to continue my support to U.S. SOF Service members through providing my experience and expertise in the modeling and simulations capacity for exercise support. I have over 20 years of modeling and simulations computer science experience in USSOCOM organizations. My extensive experience has been in the arenas of virtual call for fire, virtual mission rehearsal, virtual full mission profile and distributed mission operations. I have expertise in many different government and commercial software, to include VBS, MACE, META VR, JSAF, JCATs, ModSAF, OTBSAF and SVS.


Prior to my professional civilian career, I was in the United States Air Force assigned to AFSOC as an AC-130 Gunship Sensor Operator, Instructor and Standards Evaluator. I have dedicated my life to supporting the SOF community both during and after my military service and thank you for the opportunity to continue this craft.




Public Speaking / Briefing                       Simulations Enumerations                Instructing / Teaching

Sensor / FMV Operations                        Monitoring / Inspecting                    Scenario Development

Leadership / Team Management             Virtual Modeling Architecture           Scripting




Intermediate M&S Specialist, VATC Inc., Hurlburt, FL – 2009-2017

·          Original concept development and construction of initial installation of the vCFF cell on Hurlburt Field, FL. Trained over 10,800 SOF operators through my tenure at the vCFF cell for exercise support.

·          9 years working experience in the Modeling and Simulations Computer Science field.

·          9 years’ experience in operating, troubleshooting and maintaining M&S training software (JLVC, JTLS, JCATS, JSAF, JBUS, AWSIM, VBS3, MACE, META VR, VRSG, ASSET) in support of individual and collective SOF training and exercise requirements.

·          9 years’ experience configuring and resolving interoperability issues between simulators during Distributed Mission Operations (DMO).

·          9 years’ experience monitoring large scale and JNTC accredited exercises and training events (MAJCOM/COCOM-level) for M&S anomalies and their associated resolution.

·          9 years’ experience applying DIS Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) standard within M&S.

·          9 years’ experience documenting M&S configuration, baseline configuration, and proposed changes for review.

·          IAT Level II Certification eligible.


AC-130 H/W SME / Trainer & Instructor, Lockheed Martin, Hurlburt Field, FL – 1997-2009

Served as the Gunship Battle Mission Computer (BMC) SME.
Served as the Distributed Mission Operations SME – performed the first DMO mission at the 19th SOS.
Served as the lead planner for all DMO missions for the 19th SOS since inception.
Retooled the sensor operator training reducing the time for qualification by 50%.
Conducted and audit of the sensor operator courseware revealing 76 outdated lessons that were out of date and requiring rewrite.
Prepared all Mission Scenarios and Mission Rehearsal Missions for the 19th SOS.
Coordinated with the military community to build all Mission Rehearsal and Mission Preview missions for the 4th SOS and 16th SOS squadrons.
Taught Call-For-Fire Missions for Special Operators from all branches of the US Armed Forces and those from other countries.
Proficient in using Falcon View and Top Scene in the planning and execution of all the distributed, rehearsal, preview and mission qualification missions since 1997.
AC-130 H/U Sensor Operator, Instructor, Standards and Evaluations, AFSOC 1977-1997

16+ years experience as an AC-130 airborne sensor operator accumulating over 3300 flying hours of which 362 are instructor hours and 412 are evaluator hours.
Demonstrate expertise in strategic planning, organizational development, team building and staff enhancement.
Excellent communication, leadership, negotiation, troubleshooting and motivational skills that effectively enhances interaction with students, staff, and executive management.
Team player with the ability to consistently provide high-level systematic standards of performance
·         Focused on identifying potential problem areas, minimizing issues, formulating and executing competent solutions




·         AC-130-Instructor

·         AC-130-Evaluator(SEE)

·         HAVE ACE training venue, Instructor

·         Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academy

·         Tactical Air Command Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

·         Manager Supervisor Course

·         Total Quality Management Training

·         Aircrew Instructor Training

·         Production Oriented Maintenance Organization Management System

·         Security + (Currently Enrolled)



·         Community College of the Air Force Aircraft Technology Engineer (57 semester hrs)

·         Okaloosa-Walton Community College; Criminal Justice (37 semester hrs)




·         Doug Collins, (LTC Retired); Warrior Prep Center, United States Air Force, Germany

Phone: 850-496-4006 / Email: Doug.collins@cox.net


·         Art Ziegler, (MSgt Retired); WWC LLC, USSOCOM JNTC JEETE-SOF Response Cell, Hurlburt, FL

Phone: 850-803-4275 / Email: artziegler65@gmail.com


·         David Spicer; SOF Joint Fires Cell, USSOCOM J3 T&E, Hurlburt, FL

Phone: 850-217-1982 / Email: bspice991@icloud.com


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